Film Installation at London Fashion Week

Aurora Multimedia transformed the catwalk show space into a multi-screen video installation at Somerset House for London Fashion Week to showcase three films, which were designed to play in sequence to the invited audience.

The event featured the unveiling of exclusive content that has never been seen before and the films needed to be presented in an unique installation style whilst being large scale, high quality and impactful.

Each film was created in a different aspect ratio and orientation, which added to the design challenge for the video installation. This required one of the zones’ screens and projectors to be rotated into a portrait format. A 45 minute de-rig time presented the challenge of designing a large scale installation that could be broken down, packed and transported off site very quickly.

A total of nine 6,000 lumens Panasonic full HD projectors were used with 0.8:1 short throw lenses and nine Stumpfl Monoblox rear projection screens, built into a custom designed set.  Two S8 Ai media servers, supplied by Res, controlled the AV playback and projection across the screens in sequence. One Ai system outputted six unique 1920×1080 DVI outputs (+GUI) , the second system ran with three unique 1920×1080 DVI outputs (+GUI).

Film installation sets trends at London Fashion Week



Chasing the Sun, the Oasis Exhibition

At the Londonewcastle Project Space from April 11th – 22nd 2014, a free exhibition of rare Oasis photographs and videos were presented by curator Lawrence Watson.

Visitors were treated to a large selection of never seen before photographs, memorabilia and musical instruments along with a life size replica of Bonehead’s living room where the iconic Definitely Maybe album cover was photographed. The room was flocked by people hoping to create to recreate the cover with their friends.

Aurora Multimedia installed lighting for the photographs, memorabilia and musical instruments as well as projectors in two rooms to show music videos, interviews and rare tour footage. The main challenge was to create a realistic sunlight effect for the window in the Definitely Maybe set. This was achieved by creating a closed off room behind the set and rigging a series of full spectrum daylight fluorescent tubes around the perimeter of the window.